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Wild, Edible, Sumac!

Updated: May 17, 2020

Fresh Picked Staghorn Sumac at LELF

There is never a dull moment on the farm. I'm always out working in the garden, cleaning animal pens, delivering extra treats (the animals current favorite is homegrown apples), and giving belly baths to the Alpaca's. The word "bored" doesn't exist in my vocabulary. Aside from being a busy mom, and farmer on the homestead. One thing I absolutely love to do is....harvest medicinal, native plants on our property!! I really wanted to be able to identify the native tree's, and plants that surround our acres so, I took it upon myself to do just that! I wanted to know what their names were, and what medicinal purposes they have. I rented all kinds of library books, and did lots of research. I have confidently been foraging on our acres for almost 3 years now. One of my favorites to harvest is our wild, edible Staghorn Sumac. These red berries have a beautiful, bold gorgeous red to them! Did you know...Sumac is an ancient medicinal plant with antioxidant properties, and it has significant levels of Vitamin C. The Native Americans have used Sumac to help treat colds, relieve sore throats, help with infections, diarrhea, and so much more. It's also been known to help with colds, and asthma. I will have various Sumac products available on Monday from 4-6:30pm at our local Overbrook Farmer's Market. Our Donkey's just love to eat the leaves when they're free roaming the acres.

Have you tried Staghorn Sumac? What's your favorite way to have it? Thanks for reading! ~ Lots of Love MJ

LELF Sumac

LELF Sumac

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