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Updated: May 17, 2020

We're so happy to announce the birth of our first Shetland Lamb at LELF. We have a healthy baby girl that was born yesterday. With these uncertain times...we could all use some extra smiles!

She was tinier than I had imagined. The only other baby we've had born on the farm is our Cria, (baby alpaca) Stormy. I didn't get to witness, Pickles birth like I did, Stormy's. I have been on Lamb watch as we have several Ewe's that look like they could Lamb any day. It was 6:30am, I was taking sunrise pictures on the farm, as I approached the Shetland Sheep enclosure I could hear the little "baaaa's". It's one of the sweetest sounds.

Look at that sweet face!

This picture just melts my heart! We're so in love with her! I'm so happy to report Pickles, and Mama Marabelle are doing well.

We keep our Rams separate from the Ewes during Lambing season because, they can get rough. Tonight, we are expecting to get a lot of rain on the homestead, and snow in the morning. There could be more Lambs on the way! Thanks for reading! ~ Lots of Love, MJ

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