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Edible Flowers

Updated: May 28, 2020

Good morning, I hope you all had a terrific Memorial weekend. We sure enjoyed an extra day together. What a blessing it is to have our freedom! We're truly endlessly grateful for all who gave up their lives for us to be free. This weekend we did more farm projects, and worked on our garden area. We are doing raised planters this year along with raised beds. Our garden last year was the least successful as our animal count grew over 100. There always seemed to be something wanting to munch on some homegrown goodness. lol

Lately... I have been educating myself on all types of edible flowers. I found a great image that I liked that has several wonderful edible flowers with their pictures.

I did not grow up learning about edible one taught me what was safe to eat. I didn't get fed adventurous meals with wild food. I have taken it upon myself, and my own interest in wanting to learn all about what I can eat in nature.

I would like to add;



Pea flowers

Squash blossoms

Chive blossoms

Wild violets


Kale flowers

Pineapple weed




Strawberry blossoms



Dame’s Rocket



Those are just a few that come to mind😉

This year we are growing several different varieties of edible flowers for farm to table goodness! This past weekend my husband, and I made a honey dandelion cake from scratch! I did the foraging, and he did the baking. It was SO delicious, and completely made up. I know we won't recreate the exact same cake again, but I did write down what we made so we can create a similar one.

Homemade Dandelion Honey Cake

Did you know Dandelions are in the sunflower family? They're highly nutritious, and pansies are great for the heart. This cake tasted extra good with all the homegrown goodness, and love put into it! I will be making one to sell by the slices for our Overbrook Farmer's Market! Please stay tuned for that next Monday!

I almost stepped on this little frog when I was picking fresh pansies for the cake.

We're growing all sorts of goodness to eat including many listed on the edible flower list I gave you! Here's a few...


& some Dianthus (pictured below)

Are you growing any edible flowers this year? What are your favorites?

Eating edible flowers has been my new favorite thing! I'm so happy my children will know what flowers are safe to eat, and which ones aren't. It's important to be certain that you know your flowers, and herbs, and wild food before consuming. The flowers are such a great addition to any salad, smoothie, or home cooked meal. Thanks for reading!

~ Lots of Love,


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