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All about LELF


We are a small, loving family cohabiting with lots of farm friends, on 10 beautiful acres we purchased in November 2016. Located in the country near Overbrook, Kansas, our farm is named LiL Extra Love Farm after our youngest daughter, Lilyanne. She was born in July of 2015, and came into this world rocking that extra chromosome! Lily has inspired us forever, helping us educate people about Down Syndrome, and demonstrating daily all the extra love that surrounds us in nature, our animals, and the people drawn to our project.

Our vision is simple: To get back to our roots, and become self-sufficient by growing our own food in a sprawling vegetable, and herb garden, and DIY(ing) our farm projects. Our goal has always been to use as much recycled material as possible. Since we bought the farm, we started raising chickens, ducks, cats, and dogs. We have built all our chicken coops, animal enclosures ourself. Along the way, we’ve rescued pigs, donkey’s, goats, and many more farm friends. We have worked hard to get our Alpaca’s, and love the animal therapy they provide. When we’re asked to take in two, and four legged creatures, we do! LELF’s Animal Sanctuary provides education for our children, and area kids that come to visit and, of course, means we get even more extra love!

We love providing a safe haven for animals who need the extra love! We also love to preserve the bounty from our garden by canning, and pickling our organic, homegrown goodness. Maria is an herbalist, forager, and maker, she loves to make organic, herbal medicines using wild edible foods, and plants, and connecting our local community with things that grow in our natural environment around us. We have fresh farm eggs daily!

If you would like to support our rescue mission shop our speciality products. We happily accept donations and are so thankful for your support! Everything goes to the rescue animals vet feed costs, and more! Feel free to send an email for any questions

Come visit the farm, see first hand our DIY animal enclosures, DIY chicken coops, and get some Extra animal therapy, and love in!

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